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Who in here posted my Pic on the PDM message boards?
I had to find this out from a phonecall from my freind Jeffro in Seattle, about someone from Rhode Island (im from N/W Washington) posting a picture of me, and worried as to how they came about a picuture he'd never seen....

I wouldnt mind.. as long as someone asked if it was okay. They said they got it out of here, And if thats true why not just note me and ask if im on the Boards (which i am as of today after finding that out)? I dont mind that much.. its just really dissrespectful to do, if your that curious, please note me first before plastering my pictures in other places. It makes me nervous. Luckly it was just the PDM boards so that doesnt worry me... but.. its the princaple of it.

I'd aprecaite it if i was asked to be able to use my pictures before you take them and place them in places im not =\. Thank you.




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